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My family and I have been planning my sons Bar-Mitzvah for years. We were introduced to Avi and from the first second we met we knew would hire him.  Avi came out of his way to our summer home to show us his work and his qualifications. His technology and phenomenal portfolio of the high-end clientele were so impressive. When we arrived in Israel he ran to meet us at our hotel. He made us feel so comfortable and even went out of his way to make sure we went to other off locations to get the best photos of the family. We knew Avi was so talented when we met that we had decided to fly him with our family from Israel to Rome and share the next 4 days with our entire family. We were a group of 90 people and he managed to make sure everyone was captured constantly. He didn’t miss one detail or moment of the time there. His videographer followed the kids and adults around even when we rented Segways to tour Rome. He made sure to get up early and capture photos of each venue before we arrived to catch every detail. He would tour Rome with this camera when we weren’t around to make sure he had extra special shots of the city for the album. He stayed in contact with us after we arrived back in NY to make sure we had proofs in our hands to review. Picking the ones for the album was difficult because every shot was so perfect. He held our hand daily until the album was complete.  

We consider Avi like family and would recommend him to anyone who asks.

Stephanie and Jack Mosseri
Brooklyn, NY USA

In order to keep on the client's privacy, there are no photos of people shown here.

Sample photos will be shown in a private, face-to-face meeting.

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